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   M Y   College Life




 came to the JIT on the 20th June ,2001 as part of the first batch to MCA Batch

Though the college life brings freedom to do what ever one likes since no one is watching your back ,it also brings added responsibilities as you  step out into a new environment..

Well coming to the college life...its real fun .There are great guys here (and a few girls too) and we have a great time breaking into peals of joy at the silliest jokes...somebody or the other keeps coming up with one or the other...and loads of labor  when the exams are near... nights of games when the going gets easy... and back to the books when the heat is turned on.

I have been blessed by God that everywhere I go ,i get good friends and the college is no exception. Here too I have got some great friends like Ashu, Rathi, Harsh , Narendera,  Piyush, Prashant, DD, Adarsh, Lonu, Gagan, Sumit Jain,  .In-spite of many drawbacks of being in Borawon, the life inside the  campus is something which I will remember for ever.

Almost all students keep gazing and teasing  at the Teacher  There are a handful of sincere first-bench-students,(Manish Jain was always there) who attend each and every lecture and have all the detailed notes, which the outstanding students, (students who are always standing out) can photocopy a few days before the examinations. Joking and gossiping from behind or playing mimickry(gagan sharma was expert in that) 

Who can forget the numerous pranks we played. Making Manish Jain changed the Shirt nad that EMAIL episode is a great.

There are others lots of incident which i Never forget. President elections, Khalghat Party and then the lecture from Princi, Sports Meet and Inter college Events our team reaching the final, going to Subhash yadav for Complaining Behra Sir, Celeberating ShivRatri and Eid, Camera Ka Balidaan, Fresher Party, Taking Ragging, oh It's so much of Fun....

I am getting bit emotional i think i should stop here.



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