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  M Y   F A M I L Y
  This page is dedicated to MUMMY and PAPA .

Shri Radhey Shyam Maheshwari(Grand Father):

Insipiration of our family. He is a man of knowledge & is known for his intellectual mind in our village Jewar (Gautam Budha nagar).

Shri Santosh Maheshwari (Father) :

Only person in the family whom i am afraid of. Be has provided us whatever we have asked for. Very caring and loving father.


Mrs.Raj Rani Maheshwari (Mother) :

She is best mother in the world.I know that she expects nothing from me. She is really an angel. She has always stood by my side   there are no words to describe her.I can say that she is the person who loves me most.she feels happy when I am happy and feels sad when I am not in a good mood. She is a real good cook too. Oh how i miss that food she makes...


I have little sister, Bobo, who is not very little. She is doing her BAMS from HARDWAR. yes, she is a brilliant student and a very sweet sister ( but don't tell her that.. ).  She is the commanding officer of our  family.  I feel very bored if she is not there when I go home.



I have another little sister, Supriya. She cares about me a lot.




? Ashish Maheshwari Mumbai