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Adarsh Nigam :
my room partner there .. Good guy... quite intelligent...GOOD at HEART ..also known as TIK TIK LOSHAN, and BB whats that????. Presently in Hisar


Ashish Sohane:
my most talented friend .. most intelligent in JIT MCA DEPARTMENT or I can say 'proud of MCA' ... good player of TT. Right now working with IFLEX, Mumbai
my very close friend .. ... PRESIDENT SAHAB NETA JI  ...VERY HELPFUL ... Accessible to everyone .... Remmeber Birthdays of almost everyone, expert in organizing any party or show. he is very good friend. i am proud to have him as a friend. Right now in Ujjain
Prashant Gour:
Known as "Maa Saab" quite intelligent ...have  sharp mind processor ... GOOD at HEART .... coolest one to take advice from, People look for his expert advice whenever they need i admire him for his patiience. Right now in Noida
Sumit Rathi :
One of the first people with whom I struck an instant rapport right before joining the MCA. I share a special bond with this man. "Rathi" is a big fan of Sharukh Khan he is quite intelligent. i usually had some arguments with him over different topics. Working with QA INFOTECH NOIDA
Ajay Lonare :
my special friend .. probably the man with most names some of them are "Junglee" "Betul",  "zinglala", "Lonu". very lively man. anything peculiar : Got very powerfull hard disk. Remembring power. even remmber fullstop and comma. Working with infovalue, Delhi

Harsh Kumawat :
Good guy...royal nature hard worker , have passion to do things, never hurt others, a Very close friend. intelligent...Ambitious. hard worker. known as "MITHAI" also.  but fatoo also. Her girl friend is in Mumbai right now. Presently working with COMPULINK, Pune
Narendera :
Good guy ..friendly... quite intelligent...GOOD at HEART ... usually keeps information within himself . also known as "NSR" anything peculiar : He is trying to get married from first semester. Presently working with NICHE SOFTWARE, Pune
Manish Jain :
Manish Bhai. he is one such guy if he had not been there with us during MCA then MCA won't have so much fun. Good guy... ..GOOD at HEART ..Always complete assignment before they are given. He is in Bhopal Now with AISEC
Sudarshan Jaiswal :
"DD" is another special prani of MCA department. Quite popular among   B.E. Gals. Tries to look like model pur woh kehte hai naa "****  main dum nahi aur hum kissi sai kum nahi" Right now he is in NIC Pune.
Ashutosh Dubey :
Good in every thing other than studies. Drives me mad with her outwardly childish antics and inward faltoogiri. Neta party. Neta party. GOOD at HEART ..Not only popular in JIT but in Borawan also. Right now in Noida
Bhushan Damle :
Damle Ji, is he known as not only popular beause of his intelligence but he is good pandit also. Have performed PUJA at number of function in College. Right now at "Lambent Tech, Nagpur"
Deepak :
Deepak Vijh, Good Guy.  Indori. has done MCA as a PART TIME course. has good concepts in what he knows Right now in "Impetus Pune". I got to know him more in fourth Sem would have been good if we had come closer before
Sumit Jain:
Good guy... quite intelligent...GOOD at HEART ..I got to know him more in fourth Sem would have been good if we had come closer before. great knowledge of computerswhat he knowsOnly one from us who have opted for higher Studies Right Now in U.K
Gaurav Jain:
Good guy... Go to Loo Also with proper Make Up. Very Talkative. baat bahut karta hai, hamesha idhar udhar ki sochta rehta hai,per dil ka saaf hai,paise ka hisaab saaf rakhta hai. Some time Pakaoo also.. MR. Dewas has got Big Plans. Right now in InfoBeans Indore
Milind Bakshi :
Captaan saabh. A great Cricket Player. naught also. always part of some activicty. chalak , matlab padne per gahde ko yaar bana leta hai , chalt firta expert in Teasing the Girls.
Piyush Kendurkar:
kadi Chaat, my good friend., good speaker,  Street Smart,, intelligent.
anything peculiar : Don't dare to touch his nose, Right now he is at Ujjain

Nidhi bhakshi :
Meritorious gal...Good gal... quite intelligent... Very GOOD at HEART .. Of very helpful nature anything peculiar :Bit CENTI, and follow illogical approach in politics. Right now she is with GSITS, Indore

Sonia Pare :
Meritorious gal...  intelligent... Very GOOD at HEART .. anything peculiar :she & has friendly nature. She is with LNT Infotech Mumbai
M Satyanarayan :
My exroommate. I have done with him what i should not i am sorry for that. anything peculiar :Macchi Hates Daal Baafle. . Right now he is talking to ppl in us From calcutta.
Sudhir Pathak :
one of most lively guy of MCA dept. Known as "Guri". i Think everyone who has come close to this man will alsways miss him. such is his nature.
Anurag Wani:
Guitaar Bhai enjoys his hooting also . and thart inspire him to perform better next time . Plays Guitaar. write poem. sings. good friend.
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