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   F R I E N D S   F R O M   


Nikunj Dhawan :
He's almost like this . He is a superb person. He and I meet in the early days of BCA. And I still have contact with him. I wanted to be like him. He is a different stuff. Very intelligentc, good motivator.He is getting married in November I am waiting for that day. 

Manish Garg:
A very close and special BCA mate. We have spent most of our BCA time together. Very smart. Good friend keeps my concern. I have a good synchronization with him as we both know wach other well.
He is also getting married in November I am waiting for that day. 

Rahul Sharma :
We are friends from last 10 years. He is my neighbour we had traveled a lot on bicycle. Most of the time I was on the driver seat but now he runs very fast on his PULSAR

one of my Very intelligent and successful friend he is with infosys right now. We have played lot of cricket together.






Well I am finding it difficult to mention the list of friends here as I've had friends when I didn't even know what it means? Then, it was just someone whom I share my lunch box with, or play football on the muddy soil with a paper ball. Gaurav and Vineet were my pals back then, class 1. .


As I grew my definitions changed, priorities as well as friends changed. It was no longer the lunch box thing, but neither was anything more mature, might have become the one with whom I do my homework, or with whom I sit in class, etc. Its difficult to name people, but roughly those whom I remember are Ravi, Amit Aggarwal, , etc, etc. I am missing a lot of names here..


Then, when I got promoted to seventh, it was a new life, wow! New friends, and some of the older friendships going stronger. Eight C was a class of my dreams, everything, everyone was so so nice. I met some new people like Ankit Maheshwari, Varun Mahajan, Shilpa. .


As to some mutual benifit to something that just exists due to the way we make each other feel in company. classes after classes I started growing, it was no longer the same old definition of friendship, it had changed. I don't remember exactly what I thought then, but it had changed from the more selfish kind of friendship in which the friend is directly related

Oh, and forgot to mention that I met more friends like Harpal Singh, Nitin Kumar, Dinesh Amit Jain , Pankaj Chechani(another great friend), spends lots of exam night together an


After school came college, can't mention less names here, almost everyone is a good friend. Sandeep, Priya Jain, Swati Sharma we have formed a group tilol now nad DN college was not that bad but then I joined BCA and here all nerw and good ppl come apart from Nikunj and manish I am lucky to have friends like Rajat, Rahul Sharma kanishk, Ashish Jain, Pankaj,. I have missed a lot of people, just because I am writing this essay with a lot of distraction, so writing only the names I remember. If yours is not there, no need to sue me, just tell me and I will write it.




Oh, gimme a break now, its been tiring writing about my so called friends, grrr..






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